5 Link Building Services You Ought to Know

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of building links, connecting them in such a way that search engine crawlers can get to your site from other website, or from an individual page to other pages on your website. Internal links building is pretty easy to make and track. The problem, however, lies on how you get hyperlinks from other website to yours.

Why is this Important?

Domain authority, trustworthiness, and relevance are such an important aspect for search engine to determine where you deserve to rank. Links building in particular is a way for these crawlers to get to your website seeing as they run through hyperlinks on the internet.

The more you are interconnected to others, the more relevant your content is. The more you are quoted by other websites, the more trustworthy and authentic your content is.

How do you get links like this? There are several link building services that might help you build your links throughout the internet, here’s a few.

  1. Help a Reporter Out

Help a reporter out or best known as HARO is a platform in which journalists gather to find expert sources and, sometimes, quote. It is pure white-hat SEO. All the website that your answer get published on are real website and usually have their fair share of high DA.

If you are lucky enough, your answer might get referenced in a very high DA like the entrepreneur or other news website. Regardless of where your answer get published on, however, it is definitely worth your time and energy.

The catch, on the other hand, is that HARO is such a popular platform with many people answer the same query as you do. That would mean that you should always answer as fast as possible to stay on top of the answer list.

There are choices whether you want the free one or the paid one. Full service is of course present in the paid one, and your opportunity to get backlinks from high DA is higher. It all come back to you though, whether you are willing to pay or not.

  1. Content Marketing Services

Content marketing services doesn’t directly get you backlinks, they do, however, provide you with valuable and original content that can bring more traffic to your website.

As established for a long time, content is king in SEO. The more valuable and authentic your content is, the more people come and possibly share your content. This act of sharing alone is a way for you to get backlinks.

The downside is that there is no free content marketing services. You have to pay at least $500 a month to get content (even that is usually not the best content). If you are looking for long term investment and traffic, it is best if you use higher content marketing services.

  1. SEO Agency

It is full-fledged a way to up your developing hyperlinks. You just have to give an SEO agency their fee, and they basically will do every SEO in your website. That will include on and off-page SEO: the content, the human-friendly nature of your site, the keywords that work, all of SEO you know.

The catch is while they do all of your SEO, it means that only some percent of your money actually comes to link building. If you choose this option nonetheless, you may consider putting more of your budget towards this.

  1. Infographic Design Company

Everyone likes images. Between text and an image, most people would choose image every time. But image can’t always give accurate data; infographic does.

Considering information is always useful in one way or another, it is worth the rate if you have to pay for it. Find an infographic company that can turn your content into a visual content. They won’t promote it though, so after they do their work, the work of marketing it comes back to your hand.

  1. Blogger Outreach Services

Blogging outreach means reaching out to bloggers to put your content in their site. It basically means you contact them through their email, website, or other platform, and then ask them whether they can put the link of a certain page from your website to theirs.

If you don’t think you can have the time, the service for this kind of building links is available. The services will cover the task of contacting bloggers that relevant to yours and get your links to their site.

Before doing this, however, you have to make sure that your content are of quality. People want their best for their website, and such you should also give them a link to a good read too.


Links building is an important part of SEO practices. Several services mentioned above can help you in doing so. Measure up how much you can spend and how much you can do in order to run your SEO. Lastly, never stop updating your information about more link building services and technique for your personal knowledge.